Service Overview:
vedantahrconsulting Career and Psychological Counselling

Career and Psychological Counselling

Career counselling is the process of helping the candidates to select a course of study that may help them to get into job or make them employable. A career counselor helps candidates to get into a career that is suited to their aptitude, personality, interest and skills. So it is the process of making an effective correlation between the internal psychology of a candidate with the external factors of employ ability and courses. Career Counselling is helpful for people of all ages and in different stages of life. As a fresh graduate counselling is required to inform her/him about the career choices available to her/him. Also all those who want to change their job the counselling will help. A career counselor can suggest a change in career of only change in job for the persons who are stuck in the mid of their career.

Career and Psychological Counselling includes the study and practice of counselor training and counselor supervision. Vedanta HR Consulting provides career & psychological counselling for students in times of stress and encourages them to ask for help with their most immediate concerns. Counseling outcome addresses whether or not counselling is effective, under what conditions it is effective and what outcomes are considered effective-such as symptom reduction, behavior change or quality of life improvement. It includes provision of occupational information, written exercises and exploration of career goals & plans to the use of personality assessments.

We provide different types of counselling and addresses a wide range of issues:

     Stress and anxiety

     Academic problems

     Homesickness and loneliness


     Relationship and family problems

     Suicidal thoughts