Industry Verticals


The automobile industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally, Recently India has emerged as the fourth largest exporter of automobiles in Asia and several Indian automobile manufacturers have also made their presence globally .In the present situation,the automobile industry in India has started leveraging overseas acquisitions to plug capability gaps, retain a strong focus on R&D and integration. We have established ourselves as a reputed multi-faceted team of highly qualified and experienced consultants from diverse professional fields and expertise.

We have extensive experience in working with automobile players across the value chain and we are constantly helping our clients understand the impact to their organizations and delivering strategic, operational and technical solutions designed to help automobile companies of all sizes meet their business objectives.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Human resource is the most valuable asset in engineering and construction industry and its practices are mostly concerned with gaining value through increased skills, autonomy, contribution & productivity and cost consciousness and Productivity is one of the most important factor affecting the overall performance of any Engineering ,Construction and Architectural company. We have a high understanding of the volatility of the Engineering, Construction and Architectural business cycles.

This allows us to regularly manage staffing flows in accordance with prevailing and emerging industry demands. Presently we have been offering construction and engineering staffing solutions for different work profiles including:

     Project managers

     Interior designers

     Landscape architects

     Contract administrators

     Graphic designers

     Quality assurance engineers

     Quality control engineers

Banking & Finance

The Banking & Finance industry is a highly regulated powerhouse that stabilizes the economic environment of nations around the world. With the increased need for corporate governance and compliance requirements, the demands on Banking & Financial Services professionals have continued to rise. We understand that highly skilled professionals who can interpret proposals for business implications and most critically, revenue and earnings potential, will drive your competitive edge. Being a Human resource professional we recruit the best executive talent in the banking & financial industry for middle & senior management position that strengthens your business performance.

We’re always focused on improving knowledge, quality, transparency and efficiency to thrive and grow into the future. A look at some of the vacancies for which we actively recruit:

     Investment advisors

     NRI servicing personnel

     Front desk managers

     Deputy managers

     Franchise development managers

     Relationship managers / Senior relationship managers

     Sales managers / Business development managers

     Branch manager / Regional sales head

     Operations Managers / Executives